Youth flash mob at the XIV World Forestry Congress, International Conference Center, Durban, South Africa.

June 11, marks the first-ever International Day of Play, a significant step in the mission to champion the value of play for everyone, particularly children. This day highlights how play helps individuals thrive and achieve their full potential. As a universal language, play unites people across national, cultural, and socio-economic lines, building community and pride. On this day, let鈥檚 celebrate the power of play. Are you ready?

For International Tea Day 2024, multi-hyphenate (actor-model-designer-entrepreneur) Waris Ahluwalia - who was born in Punjab, India - talks with his mother about the importance of tea in their lives.

Diego Luna, the Mexican actor, producer, and advocate for freedom of expression, believes that independent journalism is essential, especially in countries like Mexico with a high level of impunity. The documentary film "State of Silence," produced by Luna and directed by Santiago Maza, portrays the risky reality that many Mexican journalists live in. For Luna and Maza, documentary films are a powerful tool to defend media freedom and spark change.

鈥檚 Global Report, highlights why culture and creativity are the heartbeat of societies and how policies can support their ability and ability to create. 

Inaugural International Jazz Day with All-Star Concert. The event is jointly organized by UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the Thelonious Monk Institute.

The city of Tangier, Morocco, hosts the 2024 edition of International Jazz Day. It鈥檚 the first time a city in Africa hosts the event. The four-day celebration (April 27-30) highlights Tangier's jazz heritage and the cultural ties between Morocco, Europe, and Africa. The event culminates in an at the Palace of Arts and Culture broadcast worldwide. Tangier has a rich history of jazz, and many world-renowned jazz artists, such as pianist Randy Weston and saxophonists Archie Sheep and Ornette Coleman, have performed in the African city.

Collage of illustrations depicting William Shakespeare, a dragon-like seahorse, and scribbles over a blue background.

"Though this be madness, yet there is method in 鈥檛." Polonius utters these words as an aside, after Hamlet delivers a near-nonsense speech. April 23rd is the date traditionally observed as both the birthday and date of death of William Shakespeare, the English language's most famous playwright. It is also the day we celebrate English Language Day at the United Nations. Join us at 9:30 a.m. (EST) as the UN movie society presents a virtual event "Shakespeare at the UN". And, if you are up for some word-trickery, ! Test your knowledge of the English language!

Greeting card that reads Happy Eid, Eid al-Fitr Mubarak

Eid al-Fitr is a time for kindness, compassion and equality. The United Nations extends greetings and best wishes to everyone celebrating Eid.

Ahead of , 21-year-old Betelehem in Ethiopia shares her wish for a safer, more peaceful world for children and young people.

"This year, the celebration at the United Nations is special: for the first time, the Lunar New Year is part of the UN holiday calendar. I thank China and the Chinese people for your unwavering support to the United Nations, multilateralism and global progress." - Antonio Guterres

Through the , UNESCO strives to protect and promote artistic freedom, the status of artists and cultural professionals, and to facilitate a balanced flow of cultural goods and services. Vasylyna, Nina and Evelina were among 38 Ukrainian women artists participating in arts residencies in 13 countries of Europe, in partnership with the non-governmental organization, Artists at Risk.

The recently announced the winners of the Second Edition of the The four winners of this year鈥檚 competition were Babatunde 鈥淭ribe鈥 Akande, Bianca Batlle Nguema, Mehdi Rajabian and Karhoum Dembele. The theme of the contest was for minority artists to expose, explore, and address matters relating to  and compounded forms of discrimination through their artwork. 鈥淲ithin a minute of looking at each piece of art submitted this year, the reasons to continue the fight for the realization of minority rights is so obvious, just in front of our eyes,鈥 said Alexandra Xanthaki, and a judge for the contest.

Detail of the TV control panel in the foreground with two TV technicians in the background.

Television has come a long way from being just a one-way channel for broadcast and cable content. In the 21st century, it has evolved into a multifunctional device that offers a wide range of multimedia and interactive content, including streaming videos, music, and internet browsing. Despite the emergence of different platforms for audiovisual content consumption and the ever-evolving technology, TV remains an important tool for communication. On World Television Day (21 November) we celebrate that this telecommunication medium has become a symbol of connection and globalization.

On World Cities Day, 55 cities joined the  (UCCN), acknowledging their strong commitment to harnessing culture and creativity as part of their development strategies.

Audiovisual archives represent not only the past images and sounds of our shared experiences, but also serve as a valuable source of cultural, social, and linguistic diversity. Conserving this heritage and ensuring it remains accessible to the public is a vital goal for all memory institutions and the public. On the (27 October), highlights the theme "Your Window to the World," emphasizing that audiovisual heritage allows us to witness events beyond our own experiences, listen to the voices of the past, and create narratives that inform and entertain.

鲍狈贰厂颁翱鈥檚 has added 42 new sites (33 cultural, 9 natural) to the , bringing the total to 1199. These sites will now benefit from the highest level of heritage protection worldwide. With five new locations inscribed this year, Africa has reached the symbolic milestone of 100 sites on the World Heritage List. Rwanda had its first two inscriptions and Uganda removed the  from the World Heritage in Danger list.  were inscribed on the List of World Heritage in Danger, due to threats linked to shelling, and three Sites of Memory linked to recent conflicts were added to the List.